Nike Air Force 1 Valentine's Day

Retail Price: $130

Release Date: February 13th, 2021

Site List

8:00AM EST

10:00AM EST



For sites that DO NOT have bot protection, use FAST mode and start your tasks 10-15 minutes early. Depending on the site, you may need to have a regular captcha harvester open. If they do not have bot protection and/or proxy protection, use datacenter proxies and variants (if available).

Bot Protection

For sites that DO have bot protection, use PRELOAD modes (use safe for password pages). Start your safe mode tasks whenever you want but for preload mode tasks, you must start them 3-5 minutes before the drop. Do not start them any earlier (You may need to start earlier on Kith or queues that are long). Also, make sure you have both a regular and a checkpoint harvester open. Make sure to be signed into good Gmail accounts.

Use delays of 3500+.

A tip is to run localhost as it is usually fast and unbanned/unthrottled on proxy protection. Also be sure to signed into your daily Gmail that you use. I personally have 3 harvesters open: 2 checkpoint and 1 checkout.


If you are running restocks for sites without bot protection, use FAST mode (which will automatically switch to restock mode). You may get 429 on some sites which is normal (they will automatically restart).

If you are running restocks for sites with bot protection/checkpoint, you must use SAFE/PRELOAD mode. You can not use fast mode. Safe/Preload have their own restock flow. You can check if a site turns off bot protection by checking out the #anti-bot channel.

Fast Restock Flow Status: Submitting Review --> Out of Stock.

Safe/Preload Restock Flow Status: Visiting Customer --> Out of Stock.

Note: If you do not receive the fast restock flow above, please let us know.

Use monitor and retry delays of 3500-5500.





  • Use early links whenever available.

  • Use rates whenever available as many stores do not change their shipping rates. This will speed up your checkout times. Learn more about them here.

  • Open up the proper captcha harvesters before drops.

  • Use the price range at your own discretion.

  • You can start all tasks with F1 and stop all tasks with F2.

  • You can Mass Link Change (MLC) by pressing F3 with the link copied to your clipboard.


  • Check out the docs for specifics on how to run nebula.

  • Visit the FAQ for answers to some common Shopify questions.


7:00AM PST/10:00AM EST


Start your tasks 10-15 minutes before drop time and leave your tasks running. They will sleep on a timer until drop time after they pass queue. Have a footsites captcha harvester open too.




Grade School



Product SKU

Input the product SKU or product link in the box. Do not include a + before your input. You can find an example in the image above.


Use a combination of RELEASE, NORMAL and RESTOCK mode on initial but use RELEASE and RESTOCK mode for restocks.

Release mode handles queue better than the other two modes.

Normal mode is slower than restock mode but will give you less payment verifications (PVs).

Restock mode is faster than normal mode but will give you more PVs. It is recommended if you have a lot of profiles to use restock mode.

One Checkout For Profile

An optional checkbox if you want only one checkout per site for your profile. It is not required. i.e. You have 1 profile, 10 tasks (2 tasks on 5 different sites). It'll attempt only buy once per site for that profile (Max of 5 checkouts).


If your proxies are banned or receive certain error statuses, your proxies will rotate. You may get carting errors throughout the drop.

Minimum Price / Maximum Price (Whole Dollar)

Minimum and maximum price of the product that you want to checkout. I recommend leaving this blank unless you need your checkout to be under a certain price.

Start / End Schedule

Schedule when you want your tasks to start and/or stop. If you use this, I recommend having the start schedule to be 10 - 15 minutes prior to drop time.

Enable/Disable Proxy Rotation (RECOMMENDED!!)

If you'd like to ignore captchas, I highly recommend using this feature. It will swap proxies if your task get hits with a captcha. In the event you do get a captcha, open a footsite captcha harvester and solve it. This works with both residential proxies and ISPs.

Delays (Recommendation for all modes)

Monitor: 3500-5500

Retry: 3500-5500

Feel free to use different delays


During the drop, you may be prompted to solve a captcha if your proxies are flagged. If multiple proxies are flagged, you will only be prompted to solve a few captchas but nebula omega shares captcha solves so you won't to solve one for every task. If it says waiting for cookie, it is waiting for you to solve the captcha.

In order to solve these captchas, open a footsites captcha harvester.

Nebula Omega also supports AYCD Autosolve which supports captcha solving services that you can use. Learn more about it here.


  • Use good proxies that are not banned on footsites.

  • Be sure to continue running after the initial drop as they tend to restock throughout the day.


  • Check out the docs for specifics on how to run nebula.

  • Visit the FAQ for answers to some common Footsite questions.

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