Patta x New Balance M991PAT

Retail Price: €220,00

Release Date: January 29th, 2021



For the Patta initial drop, they will likely enable bot protection and proxy protection. This will require you to use task modes that pass bot protection such as safe or preload. I recommend using all PRELOAD mode. This will require you to solve a checkpoint captcha, so you will need to open a checkpoint captcha harvester open to be able to enter queue.

I would also have a checkout harvester open just in case they do require it at checkout.

When setting up, use the direct links or variants as they already have the product loaded.

I highly recommend using localhost as your proxy. This can be done by selecting "None" as your proxy. Run a max of 3 tasks on localhost if you do.

Start your tasks 3-5 minutes prior to drop time.


  • Store:

  • Product: Variant or Link

  • Profile(s): Select preferred profile(s) or "All"

  • Size(s): Random

  • Task mode: Preload

  • Proxies: Localhost or Unthrottled DCs (Very likely to have proxy protection)

  • Account: DO NOT USE ONE

  • Store Password: Ignore

  • US Shipping Rate: DO NOT USE

  • Minimum Price (Whole Dollar): Minimum price of the product at checkout

  • Maximum Price (Whole Dollar): Maximum price of the product at checkout

  • Start Schedule: Schedule when you want your tasks to start

  • End Schedule: Schedule when you want your tasks to stop

  • One Checkout For Profile: Will attempt to only checkout one product

  • Paypal Checkout: DO NOT USE

Captcha Harvesters

  • Checkpoint: Yes

  • Checkout: Possibly


  • Monitor Delay: 3500-5500

  • Retry Delay: 3500-5500




If you are running restocks while bot protection is off, use FAST mode (which will automatically switch to restock mode). You may get 429 which is normal (they will automatically restart).

If you are running restocks while bot protection/checkpoint is enabled, you must use SAFE/PRELOAD mode. You can not use fast mode. Safe/Preload have their own restock flow. You can check if a site turns off bot protection by checking out the #anti-bot channel.

Fast Restock Flow Status: Submitting Review --> Out of Stock.

Safe/Preload Restock Flow Status: Visiting Customer --> Out of Stock.

Note: If you do not receive the fast restock flow above, please let us know.

Use monitor and retry delays of 3500-5500.


  • Use early links whenever available.

  • Use rates whenever available as many stores do not change their shipping rates. This will speed up your checkout times. Learn more about them here.

  • Open up the proper captcha harvesters before drops.

  • Use the price range at your own discretion.

  • You can start all tasks with F1 and stop all tasks with F2.

  • You can Mass Link Change (MLC) by pressing F3 with the link copied to your clipboard.


  • Check out the docs for specifics on how to run nebula.

  • Visit the FAQ for answers to some common Shopify questions.

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