Dover Street Market Ginza

5:00PM PST - 6:00PM PST/8:00PM EST - 9:00PM EST



For DSM JP initial drops, they do not enable bot protection, proxy protection, or checkpoint. They do require a captcha to checkout. As such, you should be running all your tasks on FAST mode and have a lot of checkout captcha harvesters open. If you do not have one clicks on your Gmail, I would not even bother trying.

DSM JP drop times are not consistent. They do, however, have a time frame in which they do drop (5:00PM PST - 6:00PM PST/8:00PM EST - 9:00PM EST). Once they do drop, they will remove their password page. Nebula Omega will then attempt to find the product with the keywords or link you input. Once found, it will go through the entire checkout process where you will then be prompted a checkout captcha to process your payment.


This is determined by the amount of proxies you have. You can find out by using ~delay <task count> <proxy count> in #bot-commands.

When setting up for DSM JP, it is best to use early links (this can be easily guessed as product links are similar across drops). If you are unable to obtain an early link, use keywords. Keywords for DSM JP are straightforward in that they always put the SKU of the product as a part of the title. Learn more about how products are found here.

It is recommended to start your tasks at least 5 minutes prior to 5:00PM PST/8:00PM EST as they sometimes drop early.

They only ship to Japan.


  • Store: DSM JP

  • Product: Variant, Link, or Keywords

  • Profile(s): Select preferred profile(s) or "All"

  • Size(s): Select preferred size(s) or "Random"

  • Task mode: Fast

  • Proxies: Localhost or Datacenters (Use the fastest proxies you have)

  • Account: DO NOT USE ONE

  • Store Password: Ignore

  • US Shipping Rate: I will try and update this with the shipping rate

  • Minimum Price (Whole Dollar): Minimum price of the product at checkout

  • Maximum Price (Whole Dollar): Maximum price of the product at checkout

  • Start Schedule: Schedule when you want your tasks to start

  • End Schedule: Schedule when you want your tasks to stop

  • One Checkout For Profile: Will attempt to only checkout one product

  • Paypal Checkout: DO NOT USE

Captcha Harvesters

  • Checkpoint: No

  • Checkout: Yes


  • Monitor Delay: You can find out by using ~delay <task count> <proxy count> in #bot-commands.

  • Retry Delay: 3500-5500


  • Have as many checkout captcha harvesters as you can

  • Use the lowest possible delay you can



DSM JP does not restock after the initial drop.

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