hCaptcha is a captcha service similar to recaptcha where you will be given a set of images and given the instruction to choose the image that matches a certain word. You can find a test captcha on

hCaptcha also provides a way to make these captchas easier to solve via an accessibility cookie. This is especially useful on Shopify where speed is key.

Note: Not every site uses hCaptcha. The main sites that do use them are Kith and Haven.


To utilize this open up Chrome:

1. Install

2. Sign up for an account: 3. Verify the email

4. Press Set Cookie button in the redirected page from the email

5. Using EditThisCookie chrome extension, copy the hc_accessibility cookie value and paste it into the captcha card input shown in the screenshot.

It is recommended to use 1:1 tokens to solver so they don't bog down. Keep in mind these accessibility cookies reset every 24 hours so you will need to copy and paste them into the bot every 24 hours.

This will be automated in the future.

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