PS5 & Xbox Series

PS5 - $399 (Digital) and $499 (Disc)

Xbox - $299 (Series S) and $499 (Series X)

Release Date: December 15th, 2020 @ 3:00PM EST


Start your tasks at any time before the drop at a 3000+ delay, I personally use 3500. You do not need to solve captchas but may be prompted to solve one if our PX API fails (Ignore or restart for now). Run as many tasks as you can!


Paste the link of your desired product or the item ID (Digits at the end of the product URL)

Use a size of Random for the PS5s and Xboxes.

PS5 Disc

PS5 Digital



Last drop Walmart required accounts to checkout so I'd run a majority of tasks with accounts. 1:1 Account:Task Ratio

Price Range (Recommend Using)

Optional input boxes if you want the bot to check the price of the product before carting.

One Checkout For Profile

An optional checkbox if you want only one checkout per site for your profile. It is not required. i.e. You have 1 profile, 10 tasks (2 tasks on 5 different sites). It'll attempt only buy once per site for that profile (Max of 5 checkouts).


Monitor: 3000+

Retry: 3000+


  • Almost every proxy will work but residential proxies are preferred

  • 1:1 Proxy:Task ratio

  • Best to use 1:1 Account:Task ratio but you can use different ratios

Example Setup

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