In order to utilize this feature, you must first have an active subscription of AYCD AutoSolve. Details regarding this tool can be found here.

  1. To setup AYCD AutoSolve head over to the AutoSolve dashboard

2. Once you have reached the dashboard click "Create" and name your API key whatever you'd like.

3. Copy the AutoSolve Bot API Key and head over to Nebula

4. Click your profile picture top right then click settings and the above page will appear. Paste your API Key into the API Key field

5. Head back to the AutoSolve Dashboard and click the highlighted button

6. Paste the Access Token into the Access Token field and click "CONNECT"

7. If done correctly the "CORRECT" button should now show "DISCONNECT"

note: when you plan to use the in-bot harvesters ensure you have disconnected AutoSolve or captchas will not appear in your in-bot harvesters.

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