Please refer to the Nebula discord for extended release help and guidance. This is a general guide for creating a Walmart task, not a release guide.

Managing Tasks

Manage tasks using the action bar to Start, Stop, Delete, Create, Edit, or Duplicate.

Creating Tasks

Task Details

  • Store: Walmart

  • Product: Product Link or OfferID or PID (The digits at the end of the product link)

  • Profile(s): Select preferred profile(s) or "All"

  • Size(s): "Random" for most products as they don't have a size

  • Task mode: Normal

  • Proxies: Select preferred proxy list

  • One Checkout For Profile: Will attempt to only checkout one product on Walmart

Advanced Details

  • Start Schedule: Schedule when you want your tasks to start

  • End Schedule: Schedule when you want your tasks to stop

  • Minimum Price (Whole Dollar): Minimum price of the product before carting

  • Maximum Price (Whole Dollar): Maximum price of the product before carting

  • Product Quantity: Desired quantity of the product you want (Will only attempt to checkout that quantity)

Proxies and Delays

Most proxies work on Walmart but residential proxies are preferred.

Monitor delay and retry delay should be 3000+.


Running for restocks on Walmart is the same as the task creation above. I recommend using datacenter proxies for restocks so you do not waste data running for hours. Delays stay at 3000+.

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