Please refer to the Nebula discord for extended release help and guidance. This is a general guide for creating a Footsite task, not a release guide.

Managing Tasks

Manage tasks using the action bar to Start, Stop, Delete, Create, Edit, or Duplicate.

Creating Tasks

  • Store: Foot Locker (US/CA/KIDS) / Eastbay / Foot Action / Champs Sports

  • Product SKU: PID or product link

  • Profile(s): Select preferred profile(s) or "All"

  • Size(s): Select preferred size run or "Random"

  • Task mode: Normal or PayPal

Users may utilize Footsite Task Advanced Details to ensure the product is within a specific price point using Minimum - Maximum Price (Whole Dollar) and to automatically Start/End tasks.

Enable/Disable Proxy Rotation: This feature allows tasks to automatically switch out current proxies to new proxies within the same proxy group if tasks are stuck initializing the checkout process.

Example Setup:

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