What is a quicktask? Why should I use it?

A quicktask, as the name suggests, is a way to quickly launch a task and start it automatically. This is useful because you are able to launch a task with all the necessary information in order to check out the item on the site you launch it on. This allows you to catch a restock that no one may be running for or for you to quickly setup for more restocks.

Finding the Quicktasks tab

The quicktask tab is located in your settings. This can be found by clicking your profile pic, located at the top right corner.

After clicking the setting button, click Accounts --> Shipping Rates --> Webhooks --> Defaults

Setting up Default Quicktask Settings

Once you are in the quicktasks tab, you can begin setting up your default quicktask settings to use.


Select the default account that you want your quicktask to launch with. It will use this account for every quicktask. It is not required.


Select the mode that you want your quicktask to use when you quicktask a product. I recommend keeping it to fast but some may want to use safe or preload to catch checkpoint shock restocks.


Select the proxies that you want your quicktask to use when launched. If left at No Proxies, it will use your localhost.


This is the profile(s) your quicktask will use.


Select the sizes you want your quicktask to checkout. If you quicktask a specific size, this will not affect the checkout process, this is more if you quicktask the product link.

How do I start a Quicktask?

Before you can launch a quicktask, you must add nebula as your default bot when clicking quicktask from a monitor. For zephyr, you can visit https://zephr.app/quicktasks/manager and select Nebula Bots.

Now that you have selected nebula as a bot you can quicktask with, you can begin quicktasking.

By clicking any of the underlined text, nebula will launch a quicktask by opening your a tab in your browser that will start it. You must have nebula open on the same device you click the QT link on.


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