What are Shipping Rates? Why should I use it?

Shipping rates are the cost of shipping when you purchase an item. For example, Kith charges $10 for shipping any item that is on their site. During the checkout process, the bot has to poll the shipping rate in order to get a valid shipping option to checkout with, however, this can be sped up by inputting the shipping rate before the drop, eliminating the need to fetch one during the drop. This decreases the time necessary in order to checkout.

Finding the Shipping Rates Tab

The shipping rate tab is located in your settings. This can be found by clicking your profile pic, located at the top right corner.

After clicking the setting button, click "Accounts" then "Shipping Rates."

Fetching Shipping Rates

Once you are in the shipping rate tab, you can begin fetching shipping rates to use on drops.


Select the store that you want to fetch your shipping rates on. Each store has different rates so you must fetch them for each site. If there is a store that nebula does not support, you can input the site URL into the store box and click enter to create a custom Shopify store.


Select the profile that you want to use with shipping rates, you can use the same rate for every profile. The profile you choose will fetch shipping rates for that location, some sites may have different shipping rates for different locations.

Product OR Rate

Here you can input a set of keywords to fetch rates for prior to the drop, use a product link, or input the rate itself. If you are using keywords, make sure the product was recently loaded in order to fetch the rates, otherwise, you can use a link or rates.
A shipping rate for Kith looks like this: shopify-UPS%20GROUND%20(5-7%20business%20days)-10.00

Current Rates

Once you have selected all of the above, you can click fetch to fetch a shipping rate. If successful, it'll appear as a dropdown when you click choose Current Rates. If you select a rate, you can delete it if you do not want it.

How do I use Shipping Rates?

You can find the shipping rate option when creating tasks and clicking Advanced, located at the top right corner.

Once you are on the Advanced Page, you can select your shipping rate in the dropdown. Your task will now use the shipping rate.

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