Nebula Omega utilizes three different modes for task checkouts on Shopify: FAST, SAFE, PRELOAD, and PFUTILE. The idea behind successfully using Nebula Omega on Shopify is to have these automated tasks with their respective modes complete checkout processes as fast as possible factoring in limited availability, competition, anti-bot/captcha, site lag, etc.


• For sites without bot protection (checkpoint)

• Automatically switches to Restock mode if product is out of stock


• For sites with bot protection (checkpoint) and password page


• For sites with bot protection (checkpoint)

Preloads checkout allowing flow to jump past queue in time for release

• Automatically switches to Safe mode if a password page is detected


• For sites with bot protection (checkpoint)

• Optimized for sites like ShopNiceKicks/ShoePalace whereas the product is already loaded


• Selecting a pre-harvested Shipping Rate for the particular Shopify site may increase checkout speed

• Utilize the One Checkout For Profile feature to prevent duplicate checkouts on the same profile / reduce cancellations

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