Users currently have the ability to access the Nebula Omega download link through  the #download channel in our Discord Server, or through the button below.

1. Click the Nebula Omega Installer icon.

2. Agree to terms to allow the installation of Nebula Omega.

3. Once the installation is complete, open the nebula_omega.exe file and you will be prompted to enter your key in order to start using the bot.

4. In order to get your key, visit Log in with the same Discord account that is bound to your Nebula Omega account.

 4. Once prompted with the Nebulabots Dashboard account access screen, click "Authorize." This will take you into the main dashboard where you can find your key, deactivate your key to switch to another device, and billing information.

5. Copy your key by clicking the icon to the left of the "License Key" text. You can reset your instance by clicking "Reset Machine."

6. Input your key into the box in the bot and sign in. You're all set from here to use Nebula Omega!

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