Users have the ability to create Discord Webhook endpoints to record successful/failed checkouts from their session of Nebula Omega.

How to create a Discord Webhook

After creating your own Discord server and an open text channel, follow these steps below to create and enable your discord webhook.

1. Go to your designated webhook text channel and select the cog to "Edit Channel"

2. Under the "Webhooks" tab, select "Create Webhook"

3. Name, Edit, and Create your Webhook (copy for later use).

How to manage your Nebula Discord Webhook

  1. Navigate to Settings by clicking your AVI in the top right corner of Omega.

2. Navigate to Webhooks tab via Settings>Accounts>Webhooks

3. Manage your Webhook

After reaching the Webhooks settings, input your webhook URL under "Webhook," name your webhook for identification, hit create, and finally, select your webhook under "Webhooks" to enable your endpoint.

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