The application settings menu allows a user to manage automatic restarts, application effects, reduced rendering, AYCD AutoSolve, accounts, shipping rates, webhooks, and quicktasks.

  1. Click on your AVI located in the top right corner

  2. Select "Settings"

Managing Settings

  • Automatic Restart: Tasks will automatically restart after declines / fails

  • Application Effects: Checkout Sounds/Notifications

  • Reduced Rendering: Removes product images and reduces strain behind the scenes

  • AYCD AutoSolve: "By connecting Nebula Omega to OneClick, it becomes your Captcha solving hub - allowing for captcha challenges to be sent to AYCD OneClick" Users are able to link Nebula Omega to AYCD Autosolve using their respective Access Token and Api Key.

Managing Accounts

  • Username: Shopify account email/user input

  • Password: Shopify password input

  • Name: Account profile identifier

  • Accounts: Used to Edit/Delete account profile

Shipping Rates

  • Store: Select Shopify site or input custom Shopify site

  • Profile: Select profile to fetch rates with

  • Product OR Rate: Use keywords (+positive, -negative), product link, or paste the shipping rate to fetch or save the rate

  • Current Rates: Displays all existing/saved shipping rates for the selected site

For a more detailed guide on Shipping Rates, visit the Shipping Rates Documentation.

Managing Webhooks

  • Webhook: Input for webhook URL

  • Name: Webhook profile identier

  • Webhooks: Used to Edit/Delete webhook profile

Don't know how to create a discord webhook? Go here: Discord Webhook Tutorial

Quicktask (Defaults)

  • Account: Select account for specific Shopify site(s) that require a login to checkout

  • Mode: Select task mode (Fast, Safe, Preload, Restock)

  • Proxies: Proxy pool options

  • Profile(s): Select profile(s) for quicktasks

  • Size(s): Select size(s) for quicktasks

For a more detailed guide on Quicktasks, visit the Quicktasks Documentation.

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