1. Navigate to the Tasks tab in Omega

2. Hit the plus sign on the bottom tab to create a task

3. Task Creation
Store: Yeezy Supply
Profile: Select whichever Profile you want assigned to your task, select "All" for a task on each profile
Task Mode: We currently support two types of Yeezy Supply checkout methods

Request: Will wait in splash through request based tasks. Make sure that you have one captcha solver open for v3. One solver will be enough for all of the tasks which you are running. Tasks will go through waiting in splash, to ATC, then begin the checkout process. ATC errors stem from Akamai or proxy issues.

Browser: Will get you through the splash page and then allow you to open up a window where you can choose a size and hit purchase. Omega will first autofill the address, next you hit "review and pay" and Omega will autofill payment info. After this you will have to click "Submit" to process payment.

Start Schedule: You can schedule your tasks if you will be away from your computer
Product ID: Found at the end of the Yeezy Supply product URL, this will be how you pick up the product. Example https://www.yeezysupply.com/product/FV6126 PID is FV6126
Sizes: Select which size(s) you will be running for, you can add multiple sizes and select "Random" for random.
Proxies: Select a proxy list
End Schedule: You can schedule your tasks to automatically stop
Number of Tasks: How many tasks you will create with the profile(s) selected
In Stock: Will force a random size selection if the original size selected is not in stock

4. Hit "Create" to have your task(s) created, you can then exit out of the "Task Details" tab.

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