In this section you can create and manage your captcha solvers

1. Navigate to and open the "Harvesters" tab in Nebula Omega.

2. Click the "add" button on the bottom of the page and a new harvester profile will appear

3. Name your harvester and select the platform you wish to use it on from the drop down menu

note: Shopify has 2 extra drop downs; "Checkout" for checkout captchas and "Checkpoint" for checkpoint captchas

4. Input a proxy if needed, in most cases it is advised you use a separate proxy for each harvester, preferably the same proxy that you have been farming that particular Gmail account on.

5. To sign into your Gmail account, hit the play button on the left side of your harvester, once you are signed into your Gmail you can close the pop-up window.

7. To open your solver hit the open button (middle one of the three buttons). Your harvester is now ready to solve captchas

note: The platform your harvester has been opened on is indicated by the icon in the middle, in this example we opened a Shopify Checkout harvester indicated by the Shopify logo and the "Checkout Harvester" text

8. To delete your harvester simply hit the trash can icon and then hit "Yes" in the pop-up window.

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