Please refer to the Nebula discord for extended release help. This is a general guide for creating a Supreme task, not a release guide.

Managing Tasks

You can manage tasks using the action bar to Start, Stop, Delete, Create, Edit, or Duplicate.

Creating a Supreme Task

  • Store: Supreme (US/EU/JP)

  • Keywords: +positive, -negative (with or without space works)

  • Profile(s): Select preferred profile(s) or "All"

  • Size(s): Select preferred size range or "Random"

  • Task Mode: Hybrid, Fast, or Safe

  • Category: Select specific category for relevant item

  • Variation: Input item variant/color

  • Checkout Delay: Input checkout delay value

  • Number of Tasks: Input number of tasks to create per profile

Users may utilize Supreme Task Advanced Details to ensure the product is within a specific price point using Minimum - Maximum Price (Whole Dollar), to automatically Start/End tasks, enable One Checkout For Profile, and adjust product quantity for items eligible for multiple quantities.

For Supreme US and EU, ensure to have Supreme captcha harvesters launched and logged into a gmail account ahead of time. It is recommended to have multiple harvesters and use 1 harvester per IP and account to increase your chance at one-click/invisible captchas. For EU, be prepared to solve captchas and authorize payments via Revolut, etc, once a window prompts you for verification.

Example US/EU Setup:

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